Hot Oil Pumping in Dickinson, ND

With decades of site experience and a lifelong familiarity with the North Dakota oilfield services industry, B & B Hot Oil Service Inc. takes pride in delivering comprehensive service to oilfield operations. Backed by our fleet of hot oil trucks and OSHA-certified professionals, our oil well testing company is ready to deliver the oilfield services your operation needs to run safely and smoothly.

Our focus is on general oil well maintenance, and we understand the needs of your site. From hot oil pumping and oil filtering to hydroblasting and line flushing, we deliver the services that keep things running right. Our core breadth of capabilities includes:

  • High Pressure Pumping (5000 PSI)
  • Hot oil trucks
  • Line flushing
  • Line unclogging (hydroblasting)
  • Oil well spill cleanup
  • Oil well testing
  • Pumping service
  • Test casings
  • Test tubing

OSHA Certified

As an OSHA Certified company, you can rest assured we’re capable of delivering oilfield services in a safe and highly effective manner. Whether it’s cleaning up an oil spill or testing casings and tubing, we always approach the situation with safety as our top priority. The result is a better outcome for your operation and a track record of safety for our company that speaks for itself.

We understand that your site may have different needs at any given time, which is why we’re flexible in when and how we deliver them. Talk with us and let us know where and when you need service in North Dakota, and we’ll make sure we’re there with the right equipment and vehicles to get the job done. Timeliness is one of our core tenants and we’ve earned a reputation for excellence that follows us to each worksite we visit.

Call for Hot Oil Services

B & B Hot Oil Service Inc. serves the needs of oilfield operations throughout Dickinson, Gladstone, South Heart, New Hradec, and Schefield, ND. No matter the capacity you need for oil filtering and hot oil pumping, we’ll deliver them. Contact us today at 701-590-1589 to schedule service. Our oil well testing company makes sure your site gets exactly what it needs from our vac trucks and water hauling services, when and where it’s needed.